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How to participate in Binance Learn & Earn

1. If you don’t have Binance account then create first from the link given below.

2. Go to more, you will get gift & campaign section (refer the image given below).

3. Tap on the learn and earn icon, all quizzes will show up on your screen.

4. Take the quiz as soon as it goes live and earn assured crypto rewards of up to $10.

5. Eligible users will receive a predetermined amount of SUI and EDU Staking plan.

Binance SUI Quiz Answers

Q1. Sui is a Layer 2 Blockchain.


Q2. Sui uses an object-focused data model. What do most other blockchains use?

ANSWER: Account

Q3. An object can own another object.


Q4. What is Sui’s native programming language?

ANSWER: Sui Move

Q5. What types of assets can be objects on Sui?

ANSWER: All of the above

Q6. Single-owner objects are processed

ANSWER: In Parallel

Q7. Validators bringing more resources online when traffic increases are called

ANSWER: Horizontal scaling

Q8. Which consensus mechanism does Sui use?

ANSWER: Delegated Proof of Stake

Q9. Shared objects allow multiple people to initiate changes to the object.


Binance EDU Quiz Answers

Q1. Which of the below is not a mission of Open Campus?

ANSWER: Create a free learning platform for students.

Q2. What is the governance role of $EDU owners in the protocol?

ANSWER: They can vote on proposals submitted through the Open Campus DAO.

Q3. What do publisher NFTs allow content creators to do?

ANSWER: Maintain ownership of their intellectual property while monetizing their content.

Q4. What is a co-publisher?

ANSWER: Promote and market the teachers’ content with different communities.

Q5. What is $EDU?

ANSWER: The native token of Open Campus.

Q6. What is Open Campus?

ANSWER: A decentralized education platform for teachers, creators, and learners.

Q7. What is the $10M Global Educators Fund?

ANSWER: A fund to support teachers in creating content on Open Campus.