How To Participate In Binance Learn & Trade Quiz

1. Tap on the link given below and signup or login to your Binance account.

  • Task 1: Read the following article to prepare yourself for a quiz:
  • Task 2: Complete the quiz during the Promotion Period to test your knowledge.
  • Task 3: Accumulate a total trading volume of at least $500 equivalent (including buys and sells) across the following qualified spot trading pairs during the Promotion Period.

Binance Defi Learn & Trade Quiz Answers

Q1. For now, how many rTokens can be issued by StaFi Protocol??

Ans: 10

Q2. What’s the unique features of StaFi Protocol compared with Lido?

Ans: Option A and D

Q3. What is the Liquid Staking asset for BENQI called?

Ans: sAVAX

Q4. What does Ignite do?

Ans: Launch validator nodes and Avalanche Layer 2s with QI.

Q5. Which of the chains below is not integrated with KyberSwap at the moment?

Ans: Tezos & Algorand

Q6. Name the KyberSwap feature that can spot tokens before they trend

Ans: Discover

Q7. What asset can you borrow against ETH?

Ans: All of the above

Q8. What benefits do you get from Alchemix?

Ans: Option A and C