Airdrop Link:

Total Value:

200,000 $LAT + 100,000 $LAT



This round of the challenge is going to be…. LAT! Learn more about LAT and share the 200,000 $LAT prize pool!

1. Study the infographic below and answer all five questions correctly. The first 1,000 participants who manage to do so will share 200,000 $LAT.

2. Users who share to Twitter or a Telegram group (members > 400) will share the remaining 100,000 $LAT, after validity of link submitted is verified.

Event Period: 5 AM, Tue 5th July 2022 – 2 AM, Fri 8th July 2022 (UTC)

Prize pool: 200,000 $LAT + 100,000 $LAT

Prize : Up to 30 BGB, if you answer all questions correctly


  1. First Join Bitget

2. Submit Bitget UID

3. Your Retweet / Telegram Sharing Link

4. Start your challenge here: 

Quiz Answers

1. What does PlatON base its computing interoperability on?*
Ans: All of the above
2. What type of infrastructure does PlatON provide?*
3. What is PlatON’s privacy-preserving AI, first of its kind, called?*
Ans: Rosetta
4. Who has formally verified PlatON’s Giskard Concurrent Byzantine Fault Tolerance (CBFT) algorithm, and on what network?*
Ans: Runtime Verification on the Alaya sandbox network
5. What is NOT a responsibility of a validator?*
Ans: Maintaining PlatON nodes and network