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Total Value:

83,333 BLOCKS (Approx. $5,000)



BitMart <> BLOCKS Learn to Earn

🎉To celebrate @join_blocks listing, we’re giving away 83,333 BLOCKS (Approx. $5,000) !

✨ 1000 lucky winners receive 83.333 BLOCKS ($5 Worth) each!

Rewards Eligibility: Users must complete all above tasks

BitMart <> BLOCKS Learn to Earn Rules

1. Tap on the link given below and signup/login to your BitMart account.

2. Take the quiz and submit the correct answers along with your BitMart Gmail.

3. Submit your Twitter Account

4. Please upload the screenshot showing your comments and retweet of the post (must include your Twitter account)

5.⏰ Enter by 11:59 PM EDT July 12

BitMart <> BLOCKS Learn to Earn Answers

1. What is the mission of BLOCKS?

Ans: To empower NFT communities by giving them the tools to build custom Metaverse environments.

2. What is the total supply of the BLOCKS token?

Ans: 1,600,000,000 $BLOCKS.

3. When did BLOCKS first launch?

Ans: 2022

4. Who is the CEO of BLOCKS?

Ans: Juan M. Hernandez

5. What percentage of the BLOCKS Token Distribution goes to the community?

Ans: 40%

6. BLOCKS has rolled out environments with the Meetbits Nouns community.
Ans: True.
7. Which is the initial public sale target price for the BLOCKS Token?
Ans :$0.06
8. What show did Sam Ellis work on for FX?
Ans: Archer.
9. BLOCKS is backed by top tier VC firms, including Fenbushi Capital, Kinetic Capital, gumi Crypto and Polygon Studios.
Ans: True