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25000 SOLVE



Earn $4 SOLVE Tokens Bitmart Learn & Earn Quiz

1. Tap on the link given below and signup or login to your BitMart account.

2. Take the Bitmart SOLVE Quiz and submit all the correct answers.

3. Follow @BitMartExchange and @Solve_Care on Twitter.

4. Retweet and tag 3 friends.

5. Join &

6. 250 randomly selected lucky winners will equally share 25000 SOLVE prize pool.

7. Each eligible participant will get 100 SOLVE tokens worth approx $4.

8. Activity period: Valid till 7th September 2022, 04:00 PM (UTC).

BitMart Solve Care Quiz Answers

1. Care.Labs enables anyone to author their own Care Networks tailored to specific needs. How fast can one author a Care Network?

Answer: In Days

2. Who is enabled to swiftly author a Care Network with Care.Labs?

Answer: All of the above

3. Why is Care.Labs a breakthrough?

Answer: All of the above

4. What app do you need to download to start utilizing Care.Labs?

Answer: Care.Labs Wallet

5. When was Care.Labs Wallet launched to the market?

Answer: August 30th

6. How many years of R&D has Solve.Care poured into developing Care.Labs?

Answer: 5 years

7. How long does it take to publish a network once it is created?

Answer: 10 minutes

8. What is the default currency used in every network that is authored in Care.Labs?

Answer: SOLVE

9. Which of the following is NOT a component of Care.Labs and the Solve.Care platform?

Answer: Care.Coin

10. What is the name of the sandbox environment where you can author and test Care.Networks in Care.Labs?

Answer: Imaginarium