Airdrop Link:

Total Value:

$1100 $BTR



BTRIPS x MEXC Airdrop Details

  1. Total Rewards:             $1100 $BTR
  2. Number of winners:      300 users
  3. Activity Period:             Nov 11th – Nov 13th 2022 10:00 pm UTC

How to Participate in BTRIPS x MEXC Airdrop

1. Register on MEXC and get an account or use your current account

2. Submit your UID number
3. Submit your BTRIPS deposit address on MEXC.
4. Twitter: Follow @Btrips_Project like and quote retweet the pinned Tweet, tag 3 friends and add #BTRIPS #MEXC #Airdrop
5. Telegram: Join Telegram community and say something nice

6. Fill out this form given link below & submit it…