EasyX: Leverage Made Easy Airdrop

Airdrop Link:

Total Value:

$1500 in USDT



EasyX Giveaway Details

  • Total Rewards:             1,500 USDT
  • Number of winners:    200 Users   
  • Activity Period:            2023/08/11 00:00 ~ 2023/09/02 06:00 (UTC+06:00)

Please Follow These Step Below To Win

1. Follow @EasyXdefi on Twitter
2. Retweet @EasyXdefi on Twitter
3. Like a Tweet by @EasyXdefi on Twitter
4. Have the Veteran role in Easy X Discord server
5. Join @EasyXofficial on Telegram
6. Experience the Power of Leverage Without the Confusion
7. Visit here to complete all tasks….

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