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Total Value:




SuiPad Quiz Details

  1. Total Rewards:             $3,000
  2. Number of winners:     400 lucky winners
  3. Activity Period:              End at: 14:00 UTC, June 30th

Please Follow These Step Below To Win

1. Tap on the link given below and signup to your Gateio account.

2. Join News Channel and SuiPad(SUIP) Community

3. Retweet:

5. KYC2 is required, otherwise winners cannot receive the prize.
6. Fill in the form.. Startup SuiPad Quiz Answers

Q1. What is the Startup Supply of SuiPad(SUIP)?

Ans: 1,000,000

Q2. What is the token type of SuiPad(SUIP)?

Ans: SUI

Q3. Who could claim the SuiPad(SUIP)  airdrop from Startup?

Ans: All KYC2 users of Gateio

Q4. Which token should users use to purchase Startup SuiPad(SUIP)?


Q5. If you were VIP 7, how many copies could you order from Startup $SUIP?

Ans: 720