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$1,150 Worth IRON



KuCoin x IRON Post-AMA Activity Details

  • Total Rewards:                  $1,150 Worth IRON
  • Number of winners:          115 winners $10 in IRON each
  • Activity Period:                  April 28, 2023 (UTC) – May 3, 2023 (UTC)  

Please Follow These Step Below To Win

1. Tap on the link given below and signup/login to your Kucoin account.

2. Follow @kucoincom Twitter

4. Join @KucoinExchange on Telegram

5, Join @Kucoin_News on Telegram           

6. Answer the quiz below..

Kucoin x IRON Post AMA Quiz Answer

Q1. For Question #1

Ans: (b) Both statements are false

Q2. Why build a new privacy coin?
Ans: (a) Existing privacy coins are limited in privacy, accessibility, or both. Iron Fish integrates privacy from the ground up, and the platform adopts the highest privacy standards based on leading-edge zero-knowledge technology.
Q3. The networking layer of Iron Fish currently has different internal message types. What are they? (Choose all that apply)
Ans: (a, b, c & d)

         a. Identity

         b. Signal

         c. Peer List
        d. Cannot Satisfy Request
Q4. All messages on the Iron Fish network are routed via one of the following four styles, depending on various factors. In this area, a message request is sent to a specific connected peer, and the system expects a response.
Ans: (c) Direct RPC
Q5. The supported network of Iron Fish immediately became effective on the date of listing announcement of KuCoin Exchange.
Ans: (b) IRON
Q6. Which of the following tags relate to Iron Fish?
Ans: (d) All of the above
Q7. Below is a visualization of how the Iron Fish’s example nodes are connected. Nodes are only aware of their direct neighbors, and their neighbor’s neighbors. Separated by levels, Node A will have no knowledge on which of the pair of nodes below?

Ans: (b) D and E