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$550 USDT worth #LABS



KuCoin x Pika Post-AMA Activity Details

  • Total Rewards:                  $550 Worth LABS
  • Number of winners:          55 winners $10 in PIKA each
  • Activity Period:                  AUG 28, 2023 (UTC) – SEPT 2, 2023 (UTC)  

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6. Answer the quiz below..

Kucoin x PIKA Post AMA Quiz Answer

Q1. For Question #1

Ans: (a) Both statements are true

Q2. Which specific pain point in the real-estate market is being described below?
Ans: (c) Complex Process of Buying Real Estate Overseas
Q3. Which among the following solutions by LABS Group is being described below?
Ans: (a) Real Estate Digitization and Blockchain Solutions
Q4. Labs Group has migrated from their old contract to a new one, at a ratio of 1:1. After the swap, what is the new token ticker of the project’s governance token?
Ans: (a) $LABS
Q5. The global vacation club platform, Staynex™ partnered with the tech giant, Huawei to leverage Web3 technologies and enhance the travel and hospitality industry. The former is an integral component of the LABS ecosystem, and the partnership will offer its travel solutions, supported by Huawei’s innovative technology. What empowers Staynex™’s travel solutions?
Ans: (d) Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Q6. Staynex has a membership to enjoy 30% off hotel bookings for how much?
Ans: (a) $1
Q7. LABS Club has a global real estate portfolio, and it gives more flexibility with your real estate earnings by accessing the “Clubhouse” – where you can buy an NFT that allows you to access a program with free night stay and reward generation at each property. What is this pass called?

Ans: (b) Residence Pass

Q8. This is a collection of 10,000 NFTs which will be minted in stages and will allow holders to receive property operation rewards from all properties managed by LABS.

Ans: (b) Owner’s Circle