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Total Value:

$1,150 Worth OTK



KuCoin x OTK Post-AMA Activity Details

  • Total Rewards:                 $1,150 Worth OTK
  • Number of winners:         115 winners $10 in OTK each
  • Activity Period:                 April 13, 2023 (UTC) – April 18, 2023 (UTC)  

Please Follow These Step Below To Win

1. Tap on the link given below and signup/login to your Kucoin account.

2. Follow @kucoincom Twitter

4. Join @KucoinExchange on Telegram

5, Join @Kucoin_News on Telegram           

6. Answer the quiz below..

Kucoin x OTK Post AMA Quiz Answer

Q1. For Question #1

Ans: (a) Both statements are true

Q2. The gaming industry has long operated on the basis of pay to play. What does Octo Gaming mean by this?
Ans: (a) Players had to pay in advance for a game in which they had no guarantee of having fun and with the certainty of reselling it, at a loss, on the second-hand market.
Q3. By playing games in the OCTO app, users are guaranteed two ways to win in games, which begets two ways to earn rewards! What are they?
Ans: (a & c)
         a. To get OTK tokens: Score to Earn
         c. To exchange physical goods: Play & Earn
Q4. HOT: Octo Gaming has hit how many games have played across all its existing games since the release of the project’s first in-app game in less than a year?
Ans: (a) 8 million games played in less than a year
Q5. Guess the OCTO Game!
Ans: (d) Clayscape
Q6. There are multiple ways to earn OCTOKN (OTK) through the app. (Choose all that apply)
Ans: (a, b, c & d)
         a. Rank in the leaderboard
Q7. Who is the missing Octo Gaming seed investor?

Ans: (a) KuCoin