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Total Value:




Startup x City Tycoon Games Airdrop Details

  1. Total Rewards:              $1,000
  2. Number of winners:     50 lucky winners, $20 each
  3. Activity Period:             2023-01-09 23:00 to 2023-01-12 06:59

Please Follow These Step Below To Win

1. Tap on the link given below and signup to your Gateio account.

2. Follow @Gateio_Startup on Twitter
5. Join News channel
6. Join City Tycoon Games(CTG) Community
7. KYC2 is required, otherwise winners cannot receive the prize.
8. Except new users, winners shall trade no less than $50(spot trading) from 2022-12-29 to 2022-1-12.
9. The use of duplicate accounts or any other cheating behaviour is strictly prohibited.
10. Please do those all tasks here..